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1. Youth Engagement
G20 Y20 A call for young voices from around the world
January 2023
#ImPactWithYouth Poll: Understanding how companies and organisations can make their workplaces more youth friendly
October 2022
#ImPactWithYouth Poll: Understanding how companies can better engage with young people
September 2022
Assam Youth Agenda
August 2022
Youth Centrality Pact
August 2022
Choosing identity to represent young people's access to improved quality of life
June 2022
National Career Service (Monthly Feedback Poll)
April 2022
Feedback from Young Warriors
December 2021
Assessing the awareness of 21st Century Skills among youth along with their access and desire to learn these skills
December 2021
World Children's Day 2021
November 2021
National Career Service Portal Survey
September 2021
Young Warrior NXT Campaign
August 2021
#KindnessMatters Campaign
July 2021
Do you want to participate in the #KindnessMatters campaign?
July 2021
#YoungWarriors take action against COVID-19
June 2021
#YoungWarriors-Task 1
May 2021
###YoungWarriors take action against COVID-19
May 2021
Apnalaya|UNICEF Discussion on career related aspirations
March 2021
Bihar Elections: Our issues, Our Voices क्या बच्चो का विकास बनेगा मुद्दा ?
October 2020
UN75 | Reimagining Our Future Survey
August 2020
Opinion survey on World Youth Skills Day 2020 for the youth of Gujarat, Karnataka, Maharashtra and Punjab
July 2020
Welcoming Bharat Scouts and Guides as U-Reporters!
April 2020
Assam State Budget - suggestions from the youth, March 2020
February 2020
YuWaah - aspirations and challenges!
November 2019
CRC30 Quiz 2019
October 2019
NSS Chhattisgarh Recruitment
October 2019
International Volunteer Day 2018 is the celebration of the relentless services of volunteers around the world. “Volunteers Build Resilient Communities” is to acknowledge & reward the efforts of the community volunteers. Tell us more about Your Story!
December 2018
World Children Day 2018
September 2018
Questions from youth of MehboobNagar - Telangana
December 2017
U-Report Partnership with Nehru Yuva Kendra Sangathan
January 2017
What do U-Reporters want to discuss?
January 2017
1. Youth Engagement
World Children's Day 2021
November 20, 2021
Why do you think so?
31,071 responded out of 39,224 polled
What advice would you give to other young people to cope with these challenging times? Write a few words to inspire and support others.
22,820 responded out of 31,269 polled
Do you have a story of your own or other young people that inspired you? Tell us your story in a few sentences.
17,835 responded out of 23,023 polled
If you had the opportunity to advise your leaders on the most urgent actions needed to help young people, what would you tell them? Write a few words with your answer.
14,587 responded out of 17,986 polled
See by the numbers how we are engaging youth voices for positive social change.