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World Thinking Day 2022- Climate and Gender Poll

A poll was launched on U-Report on Climate Change & Gender Equality on the World Thinking Day 2022. This poll was co-designed by a team of young women from the five "Her World, Her Voice" countries - Rwanda, India, South Africa, Mexico, and Nigeria. As part of the participatory approach adopted, more than 100 girls contributed and voted on the questions they believe were more important to address - making it a truly girl-led initiative.

The poll was launched on 19th January worldwide in 11 U-Report Countries and was launched on 28th January pan India & pan genders receiving around 103,000+ engagements with 90% of the U-Reporters opting in for the poll. It received around 51% female participation. This are the highest numbers among all the other countries who participated in this poll.

Poll Ambassadors
An offline version of the poll was created to engage young people who don’t have access to digital platforms and implementation of this offline interaction was done by young women from the U-Report Task Force as Climate Poll Ambassadors.



To encourage the young people to complete the poll and to ensure that they take away something long-term and educational with the poll, we gave out incentives in the form of:

1.     1. Registration link for free participation on relevant workshop

    Whenever we receive an interaction, we connect with relevant sections of UNICEF for inputs and/or additional resources. As a part of that communication, we were provided information of 2 online summits that was not only relevant to this interaction but was available for young people for free.

    We plugged in the same in the to end of the poll as a reward.

2.    2.  Badge

    We gave out digital badges to the participants of this post completion of the poll.

    The Badge was created by BSG and was based on SDG.


3.    3. U-Points

    As a common practice we give out U-Points for completion of any interaction on U-Report India.