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Ritu Jowel: Haryana's proud U-Ambassador

Empowering Change: Ritu Jowel's Impact as an U-Ambassador in Haryana

Image: Ritu during her session with the students. (Credit: Ritu Jowel)

Ritu Jowel from Haryana is a 20-year-old student and an active member of U-Report India, as well as a dedicated U-Ambassador. Students like Ritu are the unsung heroes of our communities and the driving force behind positive change. She's an individual who selflessly dedicates her time, skills, and energy to make the world a better place.

A vibrant U-Report India spokesperson from Haryana. Who without any monetary support from U-Report printed a U-Ambassador T-Shirt and organized all girl events to promote U-Report India.

Ritu took the initiative to organise an event at the GGSSS Bahadurgarh (Jhajjar). The event was designed to introduce the prestigious U-Report India platform to the young minds of the schoolgirls. Over 80 young girls attended this event. The school principal and teachers helped Ritu in organising the event.