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Syed Danish Arafat: Jharkhand's Voice of U-Report [U-Ambassador]

Empowering Youth of Jharkhand: Syed Danish Arafat's U-Report Advocacy

Image: Syed Danish Arafat during the session with the students. (Credit: Bokaro Steel City College)

Syed Danish Arafat, hailing from Bokaro, Jharkhand, is currently pursuing an Executive MBA at IIM Ahmedabad and comes with a background in the Tata Group. He possesses experience in project management and is dedicated to community service through his role as a Senior Volunteer at NSS. His journey with U-Report India began during the early days of the COVID-19 pandemic. Danish is passionate about making a positive impact and contributing to meaningful initiatives. He is presently leading an SMCT group under the guidance of Amitayush Sir.

He organised an event at Bokaro Steel City College, which served as the host institution. A total of three sessions were conducted, with each session lasting half an hour and hosting approximately 300 students. The event drew an audience of approximately 700 students, including teachers, and the sessions were divided into three parts. The event was made possible with the support and collaboration of Bokaro Steel City College and its NSS Unit. The senior authorities involved in the event included the principal of the college, NSS Program Officers, Professors from various departments, the NYKS District Nodal Officer and representatives from media channels.

The primary objective of the event was to raise awareness about Climate Change and introduce the audience to U-Report India. The event encompassed a seminar on Climate Change, focusing on its impacts and implications.

But nothing in life comes without challenges. Prior to organising the event, the main challenge faced was the unavailability of a projector for the presentation. However, Danish transformed this difficulty into an opportunity and overcame this by arranging a projector independently.

At the end of the event, participants responded positively, showing interest in the topic, and expressing their satisfaction with the content presented. They cheered and appreciated the efforts. The event concluded with a request from college professors for further sessions on the topic, indicating the success and impact of the seminar. The value-addition of the event was evident in the enthusiasm and interest generated among the participants. College professors expressed a desire for more such sessions, reflecting the lasting impact of the event in creating awareness about Climate Change and U-Report India.


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