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#MissionLife Campaign

In a world grappling with the urgent need for environmental preservation, India's rich cultural heritage and ancient traditions hold a beacon of hope. Recognizing the intrinsic sustainability of Indian culture, Mission LiFE (Mission Lifestyle for Environment) has emerged as a transformative campaign, aimed at fostering positive behavioral changes among individuals and communities. The collaboration between UNICEF India, YuWaah India, U-Report India, and the Ministry of Environment Forest and Climate Change marks a significant milestone in the quest for a greener future.


A Nationwide Launch:

May 2023 witnessed the grand inauguration of the #MissionLiFE campaign on U-Report India, an innovative platform that engages people of all ages and genders. The collaboration between UNICEF India, YuWaah India, and the Ministry of Environment Forest and Climate Change ensured a comprehensive approach to spreading the message. With a pan-India launch, the campaign targeted individuals and communities from all corners of the country, offering them a chance to make a significant impact on the environment.


Five Themes, One Mission:

At the heart of #MissionLiFE are five pivotal themes, each illustrating how small lifestyle changes can yield substantial environmental benefits. The themes include: 

  1. Save Energy, 
  2. Save Water, 
  3. Reduce Plastic Waste, 
  4. Adopt Sustainable Food Systems, and 
  5. Adopt Healthy Lifestyles. By focusing on these areas, the campaign empowers individuals to proactively address critical environmental challenges and inspire others to follow suit.


Save Water: Leading the Way:

A remarkable aspect of the campaign is the overwhelming response to the Save Water theme. Out of the 154,984 U-Reporters who have pledged to join the campaign, an astounding 60,000 have chosen to participate in the Save Water initiative. This surge of interest highlights the growing awareness about the pressing need to conserve water, a vital resource that sustains all life. These participants are the pioneers of change, leading the charge towards a water-secure future.


Badges of Honor:

To recognize and celebrate the dedication of participants, Mission LiFE offers unique digital badges for each completed theme. By completing all five themes, U-Reporters earn the prestigious Champion Badge, symbolizing their commitment to environmental stewardship. This gamified approach adds an element of excitement and encourages sustained engagement, fostering a sense of achievement and unity among participants.


A Coalition for Change:

The collaboration between UNICEF India, YuWaah India, U-Report India, and the Ministry of Environment Forest and Climate Change signifies a powerful alliance dedicated to catalyzing positive change. By combining their resources, expertise, and reach, these influential organizations have harnessed the potential of mass mobilization, turning Mission LiFE into a formidable force for environmental transformation.



With #MissionLiFE, India embarks on a journey that intertwines ancient wisdom with modern-day action. By harnessing the power of individual choices and community efforts, the campaign aims to shape a sustainable future for generations to come. As the number of participants grows and the movement gains momentum, Mission LiFE stands as a testament to the profound impact that small lifestyle changes can have on the environment.

You can access #MissionLiFE through following channels:

1. WhatsApp: Tap on this link on your phone: https://wa.link/hretym on your Phone and tap on the "send" button on your WhatsApp. Or, Send "LIFE" on our WhatsApp number: +91 9650414141.

2. Facebook Messenger: Search for @ureport.india on Facebook messenger and send LIFE in the chat.

3. Instagram DM: Search for @ureportindia on Instagram and tap on the "MESSAGE" button. Send LIFE in the chat.

4. Telegram: Search for @ureportindia_bot on telegram and send LIFE in the chat.

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