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Increasing impact of technology on modern human lifestyle

Technology has made a huge contribution to making our life simple and enjoyable.  


A century ago, a person's message used to arrive in weeks and months. Today, we can not only send written messages immediately, but we can also see and talk to our relatives sitting thousands of kilometers away. Technology has also brought us several changes in our routine lifestyle. Digital transactions instead of cash, chat instead of calls, online shopping instead of shops, online ticket booking instead of visiting counters, and even people send invitation cards online instead of bringing them in person. 


On one side, technology is making our lives more comfortable and simpler. But, on the other, the lack of manual work and human interaction is minimizing efforts and creating an attitude of laziness and isolation. Even in the past few months, with the help of Artificial Intelligence, websites like Chat GPT, Midjourney, or Dall-E, have minimized creative effort from hours to seconds, which could reduce our creative abilities and imagination.